Our Firm

Wissen & Co Limited was formed by a group of lawyers having extensive experiences in both domestic and international business environment for a great number of years. The firm is broad-based commercial and business practice acting primarily for multinational corporations conducting operations in Thailand. The firm also advises shareholders, management, executives and personnel in their analysis and decision-making in Thailand.

The firm has represented a number of clients from many parts of the world, i.e. Europe, Asia, Australia and America.  The sustainable legal business of the firm is mainly from corporate clients which they also have their operation in their mother country, such as BMW group of company in Thailand, Tetra Pak (Thai) Co., Ltd., Acushnet Titleist Inc., GE Corporation group of company in Thailand, etc.

The firm has been actively and aggressively worked on many mergers and acquisition deals in Thailand for many multinational companies who wanted to expand their business activities in this region. Also, the firm has been working with a number of law firm and investment advisor in many listing projects in stock exchange in Asia. Apart from the above, the firm has strong team of property lawyers, family lawyers and Immigration and labour lawyers who have been supporting the business of the clients as well as their personal life in Thailand as well.

Litigation team of the firm has been proven strong for large number of court cases the firm has been working on for the clients.