Area of Practice

Area of Practice

Our firm practices in general corporate and commercial law. It provides advice and representation in all aspects of law related to business as follows:

  • Corporate and commercial matters: Our firm provides advice and representation in general corporate and commercial law. This includes:
  • registration of companies, branch offices, representative office and other juristic entities,
  • applications for business licenses,
  • Board of Investment applications for investment promotion
  • Drafting and revision of commercial contracts,
  • banking and security,
  • the sale, purchase and leasing of land and buildings,
  • foreign ownership restrictions concerning business and land ownership,
  • the power supply industry, electronics, digital business, the automobile industry, project finance, entertainment and the environment:

      (b) Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm assist clients on the buy side or sell side of M & A transactions, or advises lenders providing transaction finance, with the following services:

  • Advice on transaction structuring;
  • Drafting a term sheet or a memorandum of understanding;
  • Conducting legal due diligence;
  • Drafting share purchase agreements, or related agreements;
  • Drafting asset purchase agreements;
  • Drafting shareholders’ agreements, or joint venture agreements;
  • Assistance with procedures to obtain or transfer necessary licenses and permits.

             (c) Property

Our firm has extensive experience in complex real estate transactions, including real estate planning and implementation of such transactions. This includes:

  • Legal due diligence on property projects;
  • Land allocation, drafting leases, service agreements, lease assignments, and documents to transfer ownership of land and buildings;
  • Advice on real estate projects;
  • Advising foreigners on their rights to purchase condominiums under the Condominiums Act
  • Drafting of mortgage agreements and their registration;
  • Drafting of construction agreements
  • Disputes concerning property.

      (d)  Intellectual Property  

Our firm regularly advises concerning patents, trademarks, and copyright tand other areas of intellectual property. Our areas of practice include::

  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Challenging registration of trademarks and patents
  • Drafting of intellectual property licencing agreements and their registration
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights through the courts
  • Registration of intellectual property rights outside Thailand

           (e)   Banking and security  

Our firm is able to advise foreign and Thai banks and financial institutions concerning:

  • The negotiation of term sheets for loans
  • Drafting loan agreements or facility agreements, including revision of such agreements prepared outside Thailand to comply with Thai law
  • Advising on security for loans, and where required, registration of such agreements
  • Security may include guarantees, mortgages of immoveable and moveable property, pledges of shares, and conditional or absolute assignments of bank accounts, insurance policies, receivables and other contractual rights.
  • Enforcement of loan agreements and security.

      (f)   Employment  

We are able to provide the following services in relation to employment law:

  • Drafting employment agreements and service agreements
  • Drafting Work Rules
  • Advice concerning summary dismissal, dismissal with notice, and dismissal in special cases
  • Advice concerning employee benefits
  • Advice concerning severance pay obligations, and other obligations arising on dismissal
  • Representation in the Labour Court, including mediation proceedings, and appeals from the decisions of the Labour Court

       (g) Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation

Wissen & Co has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration of general business and commercial disputes, both in the courts of first instance and appellate courts. We also participate in mediation proceedings, whether these are based on statute or contract.  Our services include:

  • Issuing and defending court proceedings,
  • Participation in mediation proceedings, where required;
  • Negotiating out-of-court dispute settlements and enforcing these;
  • Executing judgments and enforcing arbitration awards.

         (h)  Immigration, Visas and Work Permits  

Our scope of services includes:

  • Applications for, and renewal of work permits for general expatriates and for expatriates under projects promoted by the Board of Investment or the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand;
  • Pre-approval of work permits;
  • Visa extensions for expatriates and their dependents;
  • Non-B or Non-O visa applications;
  • Applying for SMART visas and LTR (long term residence) visas
  • Periodical reporting of residence to the Immigration Bureau;
  • Application for re-entry permits;
  • Conversion of one visa category to another;
  • Cancellation of work permits and visa.
  • Application for permanent residence
  • Application for Thai nationality

(i)   Family law

We are able to advise on:

  • The preparation of a pre-nuptial agreement
  • Divorce by agreement
  • Divorce through the Family Court of Thailand
  • Mediation proceedings in the Family Court prior to trial of a contested divorce
  • Division of property between spouses
  • Maintenance obligations between spouses, and by spouses towards their children
  • Custody or access disputes regarding children
  • Where there are marital assets outside Thailand, we will liaise with the client’s lawyers in other countries

(k)      Wills and probate

In relation to wills and probate:

  • We can advise on inheritance rules in the case of intestacy
  • We are able to draft wills for clients with assets in Thailand
  • We are able to provide advice concerning inheritance tax in Thailand
  • We will issue proceedings in Thailand for court approval and appointment of executors, or administrators in the case of intestacy
  • Where are assets owned by the deceased outside Thailand, we will liaise with the client’s lawyers in other countries

(l)      Taxation

Taxation advice and tax structuring services are carried out by our sister company KlarACC Company Limited. Their office is conveniently located next to our own.

      (b) Other legal-related services

Our firm also provides translation and notarization of legal documents, and other legal work as required by clients.